Much to do Productions

Premiere Podcasting and Vocal Studio

Have your voice heard.

At Much to Do, our goal is to provide the highest quality in every aspect of vocal production. We make it easy to capture your voice exactly how you want. Catering to podcasters, vocalists, and narration, Much to Do provides a cozy and comfortable space to speak your heart out.


handcrafted acoustic environment

modular lighting and curtain setup

multi-cam video editing

beautiful and warm tones

control room 8' x 20' : dry room 4' x 5'


If podcasting is your bag, we give you the flavor that other studios can't serve up. Like walking into another world entirely, the studio space will captivate you. Iconic microphones, high quality acoustic shaping, and versatile lighting will go above and beyond look and feel of all your favorite podcasts. We cater to every kind of conversation. It's time to have your voice heard.


podcast audio, video, live streaming

vocal recording and production

audiobooks, voiceover, narration

dialogue editing, noise reduction

film scoring, sound design

psychedelic, saturation, a s t h e t i c


For singers of all types, your choice of a large or small space will suit your purpose and bring out the natural resonance of your voice. There's always music happening here. Nail the high notes with our experienced vocal coaching. Add layers of groove and texture to your songs from a huge library of samples and instruments.


12-core 2.6ghz Mac Pro

ADAM A5X monitors and Sub 8

Shure SM7B Broadcast Mics

Neumann TLM-102 Condensor Mic

Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic X, Adobe CC

Waves, Fabfilter, Izotope


Much to do also offers mixing and mastering services. This high quality listening environment is shaped exclusively for crisp and detailed engineering. With dozens of plugins and years of production experience we will bring your music to the next level.


strategically placed absorbtion

phat handmade diffusers

collage style decor

repurposed, eco-friendly

200+ string lights, 50+ ft of curtain

art consignment


For filmmakers of all genres, our experience both on and off set make Much to Do the ideal studio for sound design, ADR, and dialogue editing. Let us clean up the noise and get your film ready for festivals around the world.


email for information

or call 262.442.5971 for scheduling