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Theres a Lot You Can Do

When Theres Nothing to Do

and Other Short Stories

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beetle sandwich

speaks in spanish

ate its legs

cuz it was famished


panda express

is not made of pandas

the only expression

it shows me is diarreah

Harry Potter hair

re-pot her Harry Potter

Harry Potter hair

theres a big ol bug inside my shoe

im surely sure there is

because he bites me on my shins and feet

and all my toezusis

one day real soon

ill get real small

and crawl inside my shoe

and then ill show that big ol bug

just whos the boss of whom

flava flav lives in a cave

with art hes drawn

and shoes hes made

cleaning his feet

before grabbing his sheet

then to gently lie down

as he falls back asleep

i have a little bit of sand

right inbetween two of my toes

and its really starting to bother me

the should invent shoes

with holes in the bottom

so all the rocks will fall out