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talking to trees (script)

description of film

Paul doesnt die (storyboard)

description of film


counterpoint and harmony

harmony has been the same since the beginning

every sound has a name

every sound has enegy

counterpoint is the study of the motion of these sounds

both talk about similar things

but are not quite the same

harmony is an explanation of the musical system that we are confined to

counterpoint is the way we manuver through that system

they both come from the same place

the sound has to exist before anything else

timbre holds these things together

since sound is vibration

and it vibrates at all levels of energy



ive been playing this game whenever i go to the grocery store

the other people in the store dont even know

that they are playing this game

when i am checking out

at the register

i have this imaginary competition

in my own head

and the winner of this competition

makes it out to their car with the least amount of bags

i always try to win this game

i can usually make it out of the store

with everything in

one brown paper bag

my one little bag

goes up against the family

with the cart crinkling full of

double layered plastic

with a paper bag inside

just to carry your baggage

ignoring the handle on the milk

the apples in their own clear bag

inside of the paper one

all inside of the double layered plastic

you can really feel we are loosing

when youre looking at all these bags

from the outside in

but when i look at my own bags

i always feel like ive won


this is exciting

i bet you thought i wouldnt do it

little did you know, i have been crafting the website in the background


since we last caught up, i added some poems

finished the bio page

and made some acorn squash pie

its a real solid pie

i take your silence as cue to move on

so i think this thing is ready to launch man

ill probably wait until monday

you know, build a little bit more content

maybe ill make another pie, who knows

the big question is, what do i do tomorrow

its gotta be something to do with music

i havent done music in a while

its kinda crazy how these things just fly around your life

and you really have no idea what time

you will be able to hold onto it again


ok, so i know that blog posts are usually this one-time-a-day thing

but this is such a new thing, i realized that i havent even scratched the surface

there is so much potential in this blog, and i have to keep my readers in the loop

this doesnt have to just be MY blog

this could be everyones blog

we could all blog the world

maybe then, we would have a better world maybe

it makes me think about how im gonna organize all these blog posts

there will be a lot of blog posts

i mean, come on, im not even a day into having a blog, and i already have two

who says i wont do a third one today?


i think its settled


this is the first time im writing in any kind of format like this

i dont know if youd call it a blog or not

im basically typig into an html document and hoping for the best

its a little bit klunky trying to get things formatted in the right way

but i think its a very interesting and promising medium to write through

i figure ill just write about whatever i can every day

that i feel like i should be working on my website

its kinda like an endless list for all the crap that goes on in your brain

i do want to cut to the chase though

i think that today ill post a poem i wrote

i was sitting at a booth in a 'local author' event

when you know all the questions

and ask all the answers

and youre not a good singer

and your not a good dancer

the answers you ask

to the questions you know

float around in the clouds

and they help the plants grow